Zdjęcie wydarzenia Computer Museum at Wrocław University of Technology

Computer Museum at Wrocław University of Technology

The exhibition features 58 computers on display in 23 cabinets. Each of the exhibits has been described in detail. The curator has also recorded a number of interesting facts, e.g. the Russian computer Mikrosha cost 500 roubles in 1987, while the American IBM 125 thousand roubles (an engineer's average salary at the time was 120 roubles). The exhibition starts with a cabinet showcasing the computer’s history, including all kinds of computational aids such as an abacus, a calculator and a slide rule. The exhibition also features ODRA and RIAD computer components, which were manufactured at Wrocław’s ELWRO. Back in the 1980s, R-32 was unique device and an illegal IBM computer made of components manufactured at a variety of locations, including discs from Bulgaria and electronic parts from Poland and the USSR.

The idea to create the Compute Museum came from: Henryk Szydełko.

The Museum is open to the public throughout the academic year, that is from October until June, Monday-Friday between 9 am and 4 pm.

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