Zdjęcie wydarzenia Miracle-Workers: new permanent exhibition in National Museum

Miracle-Workers: new permanent exhibition in National Museum

"Miracle-Workers: Craft and decorative art – Eastern art – Modern pottery and glass" is a permanent exhibition on the 70th anniversary of the National Museum.

Miracle-Workers: Craft and decorative art – Eastern art – Modern pottery and glass is a permanent exhibition prepared to honour the 70th anniversary of the National Museum in Wroclaw.

The exhibition presents three collections: the art of the Middle East and Far East, artistic craft and material culture, and pottery and modern artistic glass.

Magical world of the Orient

The valuables presented at the exhibition include parts of the pre-war collection of the Silesian Museum of Artistic Craft and Ancient Times in Wroclaw.

Unique and elaborately created cult objects, such as carved images of gods and protective demons, unusually beautiful objects of everyday use: incrusted calligraphy boxes, lacquer boxes with charming decorations, colourful porcelain vessels and many other objects will introduce you to the magical world of the Orient. The most valuable gem of this part of the exhibition is a suzuribako – a box for calligraphy tools made by Igarashi, one of the most outstanding representatives of the leading Japan school of lacquer masters.

Return to Europe

The second part of the exhibition is a story of how inhabitants of the Old Continent changed, improved and adorned the world in which they lived.

Visitors will have an opportunity to trace, for example, the development of writing tools from 16th-century calligraphy templates – from finely decorated porcelain inkwells and quills to the currently popular BIC pen. The available exhibits will include, e.g., furniture, vessels, costumes, clocks, stained-glass windows, toilet accessories, working tools and weapons.

Reflected in glass and pottery

The last fragment of Miracle-Workers is a presentation of selected objects of modern glass and pottery from the collection of the National Museum in Wroclaw that has one of the most specialised collections of this kind in Poland. This part of the exhibition will include works by outstanding Polish pottery artists: pre-war forerunners (Julia Kotarbińska and Rufin Kominek), Wroclaw masters (Krystyna Cybińska, Irena Lipska-Zworska, Anna Malicka-Zamorska, Bożena Sacharczuk) and artists from other environments, e.g., from Gdańsk and Warsaw.

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