Guitar World Record in Wroclaw

This year thousands of guitar fans will make an attempt to break the Guitar World Record. One of the biggest guitar music festivals will take place live on the

In connection with the jubilee of 30 years of Leszek Cichoński’s educational activity, the organisers announce a cycle of free lessons for participants of the upcoming record-breaking attempt – musicians will teach them on Facebook and YouTube how to play such hits as Hey Joe or Little Wing.

The first edition of the legendary guitar holiday took place in 2003. At that time, Leszek Cichoński initiated the Great Guitar Orchestra, which performed Jimi Hendrix’s famous hit Hey Joe on the Wroclaw Market Square. It was played by 588 guitarists, which meant a new Guinness record. Several years later, 7,423 guitar fans were registered in Wroclaw.

In 2020, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the 18th edition of the event was held only online. On 1st May, Hey Joe was played together in houses, gardens and on balconies by 7,998 guitarists from around the world, and the broadcast of the event was watched altogether by over 110,000 spectators from Poland, London and Spain to the USA.

30 years of Cichoński’s guitar Bible Educational initiative

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Blues-Rock Guitar Workshop course by Leszek Cichoński (originally with tape cassettes, today with CDs), which has become a real Bible for a few generations of guitarists. On the occasion of the round anniversary of Cichoński’s educational activity, the organisers are preparing a cycle of free online lessons.

The leader of the guitar orchestra and other musicians will show how to play songs that we will hear on the Wroclaw Market Square on 1st May. They include, among others, Hey Joe, Little Wing, Voodoo Child by Hendrix and Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem by Tadeusz Nalepa. The schedule of classes will be announced soon.

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