Modus Operandi – Pati Dubiel

ModusOperandi jako cechy stanowiące odcisk artystycznych linii papilarnych. Erotyka , fantazja i nieszablonowe podejście do szkła to znaki szczególne sztuki.

A graduate of the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. She made many individual exhibitions and participated in several glass, painting and drawing exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Laureate of many art competitions. She received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage twice. She cooperates with Villa Glass Studio, Mika Glass, Yugo Design, and many art galleries in Poland and abroad. Her works are in many institutions and private collections. Patrycja Dubiel lives and creates in Poland, in Wroclaw, where her studio is located. She perfectes the technique of graphics and painting in glass since she graduated Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław. She as an artist was always strongly attracted by color and form. That fascination allowed her to elaborate the unique technique of "closing" the image, a kind of story or history in peace of glass. Using the whole range of available glass processing possibilities, she created her own, very individual and recognizable style which cannot be confused with some other artist.

Dubiel does not follow fashion, trends or universal aesthetics. In her work she is guided by intuition, while creating she shows her world. The developed narration that characterizing the sculptures by Pati Dubiel accompanies great attention to every detail. In her work, the artist avoids such equipment as screen printers or waterjet - according to her, a real sculpture should "contain" as much of the artist as it is possible, his or her sensitivity, spirit, emotions and activity. Dubiel's works inspiration is everything what surrounds her especially nature and the human being - including herself - his range of emotions and feelings. She carefully takes care of details, building art compositions, its mood and energy in relation to the unstable, all the time changing word. The creation of Pati Dubiel glass sculptures is like building a house - starting from the foundations, ending with details making the piece completed. Using combined glass processing techniques, she aim to present beauty and possibilities of glass and to tell the welcoming story.

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