Zdjęcie wydarzenia Theatre Museum opens

Theatre Museum opens

The idea to create a place documenting the works of Henryk Tomaszewski and his passion as a collector arose already in his lifetime and was approved by him.

On 29 March, the Henryk Tomaszewski Theatre Museum (the seventh section of the Wrocław City Museum) will be opened to visitors. This is Poland's first museum devoted solely to the theatre. The main goal of the museum is to showcase and promote the legacy of Wrocław's theatre scene, which is believed to be one of Europe's major theatre scenes, and the figure of Henryk Tomaszewski as one of the leading theatre artists in the city.

The idea to create a place that documents the work and collector's passion of Henryk Tomaszewski emerged during his lifetime and immediately won his approval. The museum is going to store and exhibit theatre artefacts, serve as a source of information and a research site, and promote methods, ideas and theatrical techniques. The venue is also designed to be user-friendly and enchanting to all of those who are passionate about the theatre.

The permanent exhibition provides a life-size representation of Henryk Tomaszewski's flat, Professor Janusz Degler's studio and Stefan Arczyński's photographic atelier. Another major feature is Mirosław Oczkoś's Pracownia Paszczodźwięków, or the Mouth Sound Workshop, where visitors can learn more about how to work with their voice.

Permanent exhibition is open to visitors free of charge.


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