Zdjęcie wydarzenia Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain

Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain

The season of Multimedia Fountain 2022 started on 15th May.

One of Wroclaw’s biggest attractions has returned after the winter break. On 15th May, the modernised Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain started a new season in a full multimedia version. This year’s show will also be enriched with a new special display.

The season of Multimedia Fountain 2022 started on 15th May.

Special displays will take place on Fridays and Saturdays in accordance with the schedule available on halastulecia.pl. The summer show will soon be enriched with a completely new display – details will be announced soon.

The lighting of the fountain broke down in the previous season.

Consequently, displays were not illuminated, and special displays with multimedia effects did not take place, either.

Very popular among children, the small fountain providing refreshment on hot days already functions.

The Centennial Hall personnel assures that visitors have the best view of both fountains from the Summer Terrace at the Pergola in the Wroclaw Congress Centre. In the eastern wing of the Terrace, a bistro is open 7 days a week, and the Centennial Hall is opening the Terrace Restaurant in the western wing on 7th June.


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