WrocWalk Marathon 2019 - walk for medal

Like a year ago, one day before the marathon to be held in Wroclaw on 14th September 2019, all volunteers can take part in the second WrocWalk Marathon.

Like a year ago, one day before the marathon that will be held in the capital of Lower Silesia on 14th September 2019, all volunteers can take part in a „walk for medal” – the second WrocWalk Marathon.

The event is not a race – it is held in the form of a recreation & historical walk on the streets of the “city of meetings”. The participants will receive maps with marked exceptional spots in Wroclaw. In order to receive a medal, you will have to collect stamps in all marked spots according to any route you will choose and without the measurement of time. In addition, you can sightsee these sites upon presentation of the map – the participant’s card.

This year two different lists of locations to choose from will be available for the first time.

The first route will be similar to the last year’s one and will cover nine most interesting museums of Wroclaw: the Old Town Hall (City Museum of Wroclaw), the Royal Palace (City Museum of Wroclaw), the Arsenal (City Museum of Wroclaw), the Theatre Museum, the Museum of the University of Wroclaw, the Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, the Pan Tadeusz Museum and the Wroclaw Sport Memorial Room.

The second list of sites includes Wroclaw temples and churches: the St. Mary Magdalene Church, the Hochberg Chapel, the Church in Park Szczytnicki, the evangelical Church of St. Christopher, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God, the Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the University Church of the Blessed Name of Jesus, and the Holy Trinity Church of the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God.

Last year’s opening edition of WrocWalk Marathon attracted almost 1,500 „walkers”.


Registration (without age restrictions, group registration is also possible) starts on Monday 1st April 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

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