Recovered Territories Exhibition in 1948

The exhibition was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Recovered Territories Exhibition

The main part of the exposition is a few dozen photographs documenting the assembly process and the moment of opening the Recovered Territories Exhibition and photographs showing the architecture of exhibition pavilions, which were taken by outstanding photographers such as Adam Czelny, Krystyna Gorazdowska, Jan Bułhak or Edward Falkowski. The exhibition presents also water colour sketches for the panorama “Psie Pole Battle”, posters of the RTE, as well as guides and numerous gadgets from that time.


Wroclaw, a city with a long exhibition tradition, had large and well-developed Exhibition Grounds at the edge of Szczytnicki Park from 1913. They contained a number of monumental buildings and structures, including the Centennial Hall, the Four Domes Pavilion, a pergola and a restaurant, designed by outstanding architects such as Max Berg and Hans Poelzig. In 1948, it was chosen as a site for the imposing Recovered Territories Exhibition by the new Polish authorities. The aim of the exhibition was to emphasise the historical rights of Poland to the Eastern and Northern Territories by manifesting the creative potential of Polish artistic circles, mainly architects and urban planners, for a period of 100 days.

For this purpose, 50 additional pavilions were erected near the Centennial Hall and in the Zoo. It is worth mentioning the important role of sculpture, painting, film, the use of the contrast of light and shadow, and compositions of arranged greenery.

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