Data utworzenia: 2021-05-21

Wrocław is as flat as a table. This is not a revelation, but this obvious fact may be linked to the great popularity of the mountains.

On the one hand, you will not find too much variation in the terrain in Wrocław, on the other hand, the capital of Lower Silesia is very close to the mountainous part of the region. Wrocław residents enjoy more than mountain hiking. Many outstanding mountaineers and Himalayan climbers come from our city.

Therefore, it is not surprising that among the dwarfs we can also find daredevils who have conquered many a peak. As usual, the question arises whether people or dwarfs conquered the mountains first. Here, too, the scales are tipping in favour of the small residents, not least because of their age.

Admired by the residents of Wrocław, they supposedly took part in expeditions organised with humans during which they showed extraordinary abilities and sometimes saved their larger friends.


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