Antique trams

Data utworzenia: 2018-10-19

Historical trams run in the summer season, most often from May, every weekend (Saturday, Sunday) till 31st October.

Trams run:

  • on Saturdays, 6 hours, 2 hours with a guide
  • on Sundays, 7 hours.

The trams run between the centre and Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia). For a part of a day the trams run around the monuments of Rynek and its surroundings. A professional guide talks about the history of these places during the course. The tourist trams are: „Jaś i Małgosia”, „Juliusz”, „Mikołaj” and „Strachotek”. 

The tram has its first stop at pl. Teatralny (between Wrocław Opera and Puppet Theatre - Teatr Lalek). The ticket is valid to Centennial Hall (the last stop) or one can buy a round-trip ticket. 


Historical trams in Wrocław

Apart from a regular, seasonal tram line in Wrocław there is also a possibility to take a commercial ride. 

The trams can be rented from Wrocław Enthusiasts Society (Towarzystwo Miłośników Wrocławia). The details on the website of TMW. The trams can also be rented from Public Transportation Enthusiasts Club (the Club owes a Konstal N type tram). The details on the website of “Enusia”. Tickets



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