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Baszta and the part of defensive walls are the elements of medieval fortifications

- The establishment of Baszta was initiated by three friends, who wanted to create a café with vegetarian and vegan cuisine, a place for meetings and cultural events – write the owners of Baszta on their website. The restaurant was established in August 2014 in Baszta Niedźwiadka, between the streets Piaskowa and Krasińskiego, in the back of Market Hall.

There you can eat Thai vegetarian food - starters, soups, salads and main meals. In the menu there are fruit cocktails on the base of coconut water or coconut milk, vegan cakes and ice cream. Baszta is not just a restaurant, in the evening one can drink a beer or cider, on the second floor there is an open gallery where anybody can show their works.

Baszta and the part of defensive walls are the elements of medieval fortifications. It was developed and armed until the 16th century, then it lost its military role. That is probably why it was not dismantled in 1807. It also survived in the beginning of the 20th c. when Piaskowy Arsenal was destroyed (today’s Market Hall).

During Wolrd War II the building was seriously damaged, it was renovated in the 50s. During the reconstruction a statue of a bear was found and put inside the wall. That is where the name comes from.


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