Bibliofil (Bibliophile)

Data utworzenia: 2021-05-24

The most well-read dwarf in Wrocław. His vast knowledge, prudence and tact quickly made him one of the most respected dwarfs.

Bibliofil sat down in front of one of the shop windows of the Lower Silesian Public Library on the morning of 4 December 2007, ignoring the hustle and bustle of the Market Square, opened his book and started reading. The dwarf's place of residence is, of course, not accidental. As a seasoned reader, he appreciated the collections of the Lower Silesian Library and decided to explore them.

Among the dwarfs of Wrocław he is known as an intellectual, polyglot and socialite. He is said to have spent his youth wandering the world, meeting some of the most distinguished writers, philosophers and composers. Bibliofil is fluent in a huge number of languages and dwarven dialects, but he himself cannot accurately determine their number. When asked about his linguistic skills, he waves his hand dismissively and replies that he lost count years ago.

Although he spends most of his free time with books, he occasionally visits Wykształciuch for evening tea with rum to hold endless discussions about the affairs of the world.

He is famous among dwarfs for his sharp mind, tact and prudence. All these qualities mean that he is often treated as a confidant and advisor. As one of the most respected dwarfs, he has the final say in many matters concerning the dwarf folk. Like any bookworm, however, he is not very talkative, usually just listens, nods and mumbles. Dwarfs have supposedly learnt to recognise the distinctive grunt of Bibliofil and infallibly identify what means 'yes’ and what means 'no’. However, humans do not possess this skill, so they should not ask this particular dwarf for advice. Besides, it's impolite to disturb a reading dwarf...


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