BIKE TOURS & RENTAL: Explore Wrocław by bicycle

Data utworzenia: 2018-05-24

A cycling tour is the best way to explore Wrocław off the beaten track. Our environmentally friendly format will help you to explore the city in a few hours.

Wrocław is a veritable cycling paradise featuring over 214 kilometres of cycling lanes, including 16 kilometres in the parks and 16 kilometres on the Oder levees. We have a selection of 40 bikes for our customers. Our bicycles combine urban chic, comfort and safety. They can be adjusted to suit your individual preferences. Additionally, every bicycle comes with lights, u-lock and sight-seeing map. Duration: 2h The tour covers: OLD TOWN + CATHEDRAL ISLAND Our guests are in for a variety of sights and landmarks across Wrocław: Market Square, Old Town, Cathedral Island, Old Town Promenade, Plac Solny, Wrocław dwarves, Old Butcheries and Bronze Monument of Slaughter Animals, former city prison, Wrocław University, Fencer’s Monument, Ossolineum, Market Hall, islands, Cathedral Bridge, Cathedral, Polish Hill, Opera, Puppet Theatre. Tours are provided in Polish and foreign languages. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We have 40 bicycles of different kinds. Bicycles are come with lights and u-locks.


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