Cardinal Bolesław Kominek statue

Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

The statue (pomnik kardynała Bolesława Kominka) was showed on 3rd December 2005 - on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Letter of Reconciliation of the Polish Bishops to the German Bishops.

The idea came from the President of Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz, and the decision was made by the City Council on 21st October 2004 (Resolution No XXVIII/2203/04).

The statue was designed by Sławoj Ostrowski, professor from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, and made by the art foundry of Emil Kosicki from Komorniki near Poznań. The statue is 4.35 m high and weighs 2 tones. The cardinal is presented in pontifical vestments, holds a dove in his hands - a symbol of peace and the letter to the German bishops. Below the statue there is an inscription in Polish and German: Kardynał Bolesław Kominek (1903-1974) „...przebaczamy i prosimy o przebaczenie.” (“... we forgive and ask for forgiveness.”)

The statue is located on Piaskowa Island near Tumski Bridge, at the entrance to Ostrów Tumski.

Every year on 10th March - on the day of the Cardinal’s death - people leave flowers below the statue.

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