Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

The “Chair” by Tadeusz Kantor is located on an island between ul. Rzeźnicza and ul. Nowy Świat.

Kantor, a director, painter, graphic designer, scenographer and founder of Teatr Cricot 2, designed it for Wrocław in 1970. But the 8-metre-high sculpture was installed near the Contemporary Theatre in September 2011 on the occasion European Cultural Congress in Wrocław.

It is the fourth sculpture of this kind. The biggest, 15-metre “Chair” (Krzesło) was showed in Oslo in 1971. The sculpture was also made for Galeria Foksal. The “Chair” of 9m also stands near Tadeusz Kantor’s house in Hucisko in Kraków and was installed in 1995.

"The passers-by are to encounter Kantor’s chair ‘abandoned’ in the city, absurd, defying rationality of the surroundings. The artist himself wanted to abandon the idea of a sculpture: - This chair should be something unexpected. That is why it cannot stand in the middle of a square, cannot be representative because it would become a sculpture, installed deliberately, public like something odd. It cannot be isolated, it must be in the centre of life, of movement.” (


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