Cuda na Kiju Bar & grill

Data utworzenia: 2019-01-02

Our goal is to make you familiar with tastes of kebabs from various parts of the world. We want to charm away the kebab to our guests to ensure a wonderful time

We have an innovative approach to the rich Polish cuisine, which can certainly be put on a stick.

CUDA NA KIJU [WONDERS ON A STICK] was distinguished in the POP category in the prestigious culinary guide Gault & Millau 2019.


- A young, energetic and experienced crew that creates this place! We are a creative and exceptional team that will take care of you and receive you with a smile. We are connected by an exceptional bond and many years of friendship. We are a big family and we make every effort for you to have a special time with us, too.

- A unique place in the centre of Wroclaw for an afternoon lunch with a friend, a business meeting, a cup of beer with pals from the old days, or a glass of wine with the one you love.

- Our design is much different from other spots under the embankment. Our premises are light and cosy, and the interior fully harmonises with our name.

- The atmosphere that we create together with you gives us the energy to make culinary and bartender experiments sincerely and without complexes. We create a place that you will want to return to.

- Our dishes put on a stick are inspired mainly by travels that exceptionally open our minds to new tastes and cultural experiences. In our restaurant, we keep in touch with guests. The open kitchen allows us to observe the entire kebab making process: from the preparation of marinades to the frizzling finale.

- We select our alcohols and beverages carefully. We have a customised and honest approach to the needs of our guests. We put our heart and soul to our cocktails and drinks to put you in a wonderful mood.

- Our cooks are an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspirations. The chef is young, creative and open to new tastes and aeshetic experiences. In spite of the limitations of “eating on a stick”, he is full of creative ideas, and our kebabs become real wonders on a stick in his hands. The whole team of cooks will charm away the traditional kebab with engagement and love and present it to you in a completely new innovative manner. The dishes to be put on a stick include meats (from traditional chicken to mutton), seafood, and vegan dishes. The chef is in charge of the kitchen, but he does not impose limits for his collaborators and allows (himself and others) to experiment.

- Want to have a party in a larger group? Of course, let us know in good advance, and we will arrange all details!

- Quality – first and foremost! We try to present exceptional products from local suppliers, but also alcohols and beverages that are appreciated and respected by the greatest culinary experts.

- We pay much attention to your opinions (thanks for them!) and try to meet every expectation.

The world is wonderful and tastes excellent.



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