Data utworzenia: 2021-05-21

The world of Wrocław dwarfs is in turmoil. An individual has appeared who immediately sowed fear...

No, he's not a thug or a bandit, he's just a dwarf dentist, holding a large pair of pliers in his hand with an even larger extracted tooth in it.

This is just the first doctor in the dwarf family. Well, his profession is certainly not the most beloved one, and the rather sinister expression on 100matolog's face makes him look frightening at first. But this several-centimetre-tall dentist definitely gains on closer acquaintance and it soon turns out that he’s not so bad. Besides, a specialist in tooth diseases will always come in handy, and the lack of such a specialist so far has been a real nuisance for the dwarfs, especially those fond of sweets.

If you are interested in a free tooth extraction using traditional methods (no anaesthesia or modern tools, etc.), go to 26 Krakowska Street, the seat of the Medical Academy. Extreme experiences guaranteed.

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