Father Zienkiewicz Riverfront

Data utworzenia: 2016-07-13

Father Zienkiewicz Riverfront is located alongside the Oder bank, with the view on Oder Islands, between Młyński and Tumski bridges.

The riverfront (Bulwar ks. Zienkiewicza) has a balustrade, and in the parapets there are various perennial plants. The lower terrace is a labyrinth, a composition of green and stone tiles with an apple tree lane. In the western part there is a flower-bed with bushes, multicolour plants planted in a chessboard.

The riverfront has 19 deciduous trees, almost 5,000 coniferous and deciduous bushes, over 380 vines and subshrubs, 900 perennials, grass and over 5,000 bulbs.


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