Gingerbread Dwarf

Gingerbread Dwarf is the guardian of Piernikarnia Wrocławska [Wroclaw Gingerbread Shop] at ul. Kurzy Targ 5 in Wroclaw

The first written references to 'gingerbread-making' on present Polish lands date back to 1293.

At that time, in the nearby town of Świdnica, the following words were written about local gingerbread makers: ‘piperatas tortas facientes’, or ‘those who make spicy cakes’. This is the beginning of the history of Lower Silesian gingerbread that Gingerbread Dwarf tells us. Later Wroclaw became the main centre of Lower Silesian gingerbread-making industry. The gingerbread-baking tradition in Wroclaw dates back to the 16th century. Wroclaw gingerbread-makers became independent by creating their own guild in the 18th century.

A long, long time ago Gingerbread Dwarf ate so many gingerbreads and drank so much honey to be used for gingerbread that he fell into a long blissful sleep.

During this sleep he became so hungry that he was woken up by aromas coming from our Gingerbread Shop. He ate all gingerbreads that we had and, in gratitude for this feast, he decided to stay with us and to restore the gingerbread-baking tradition in Wroclaw.


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