GOjump Trampoline Park Wrocław

Data utworzenia: 2018-05-22

GOjump is Poland’s largest trampoline park. The space of 3.5 thousand sqm features a dozen or so trampolines.

GOjump at ul Długosza 59 in Wrocław is Poland’s largest trampoline park (3,500 sqm).

Featuring a variety of trampolines (750 sqm), the main arena is surrounded by a slam dunk zone, a sponge pool, a 40-metre massive springboard, a dodge ball court and a 1.8-metre-tall pneumatic bouncing cushion.

GOjump also boasts an acrobatics and circus zone and Lower Silesia’s largest bicycle, snowboard, roller-skate and scooter jump.

Top quality equipment (a gym floor, mirrors, ladders, acrobatics tackle, an airtrack) provides secure training conditions for both professionals and non-professionals.

GOjump for fans and enthusiasts

Each zone has a qualified instructor to help you. All instructors have suitable athletic and teaching training to run classes with a suitable warm-up before each practice. 

GOjump is a place to go for families with small children, teenagers and adults who seek an entertaining way to strengthen their body and have quite a work-out in the meantime. It is equally attractive to those who would like to build up their form while skiing, skating or cycling. You can practise a number of different acrobatic manoeuvres that you can later put to a good use while skiing or swimming.

A minimum admission age is four years. Children below four years are offered a special playground zone.

With access provided at full hours only, it is recommended that you turn up ten minutes in advance in order to change. GoJump also offers dressing rooms with showers, a café and a car park.


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