Hochberg´s Chapel

Data utworzenia: 2018-07-24

Hochberg's Chapel near the Greek Catholic church at Nankiera Square was built in the years 1723-1728. It is a marvel of Baroque architecture and adornment.

The Chapel (Kaplica Hochberga) was designed by Count Ferdinand Hochberg, an abbot of the Premonstratensians. He invited the best Silesian artists to work on it. They adorned the ceiling with frescoes presenting Seven Sorrows of Mary - from Jesus' childhood till the Passion. 

The frescoes could be restored thanks to the documentation. The altar was assembled of 1300 fragments found in the rubble. The Pieta that is inside is the copy of the one that can be found in the National Museum of Wrocław.

In the rubble was found a brass star, which connected the tiles of the floor. It served as a pattern for the other 379. Also, Count Hochberg is buried in the Chapel. His sarcophagus was found in the Dominicanes church. He is not in the crypt, but inside the Chapel.


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