Human Museum

This little but intriguing museum is located at the Institute of Anthropology, Wrocław University. The Human Museum holds a collection of scientific exhibits.

The “princess” mummy is one of the most intriguing exhibits at Wrocław’s Human Museum.

The “princess”, together with two other mummies, was brought to the city in the 16th century on the growing wave of interest in curiosities. The other two mummies vanished; they were probably ground to a powder believed to be a remedy for a variety of ailments. The “princess” was discovered in 1945 in a basement of the pharmacy located in plac Solny. The mummy was transferred to the Chair of Anthropology, Wrocław University, where it came close to destruction.

A suitable research revealed that it was a mummy of a young, twenty-year-old woman. The specimen was called a “Wrocław princess”. The mummy is damaged in places: looters probably searched it around the neck for precious jewellery.

Three exhibition rooms showcase specimens depicting human bone system, burials and evolution.

Organised group of visitors can order a lecture or workshop (on prior reservation).


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