Karczma Lwowska

Data utworzenia: 2022-08-01

On the two levels of the restaurant guests will find the specialities of Old-Polish and Lvov cuisine including the charcoal grilled dishes

“Karczma Lwowska” is situated in the Old Town centre, directly by the Rynek of Wrocław. The interior design is based on old timber and the plethora of commemorative objects so that the restaurant recalls the times of Old Polish borderland Lvov. 

The first floor has 120 seats, where in front of the clients the meals and charcoal grilled dishes are prepared according to the original recipes. On the ground floor you will find specialities of the Lwowska café: bakings, hot drinks and alcohols like beer and mulled wine. 

There is a summer garden for 120 guests and a separate banqueting hall for approximately 50 guests.


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