Karczma Piastów Restaurant

Data utworzenia: 2018-05-29

Feel free to visit the Karczma Piastów Restaurant to have a taste of typical Slavic hospitality. The nature of the place is best reflected in its folk décor,.

You can enter the Karczma Piastów Restaurant from ulica Kiełbaśnicza or through Dwór Polski from the Market Square.

Folk ambience and hospitable atmosphere attract both locals and tourists from the world over.

The beginnings of the restaurant date back to the 1990s. Karczma Piastów has ever since specialised in delicious traditional Polish fare.  Some of its specialities include pork knuckles and żurek (rye soup) served in a hollow loaf.

Karczma Piastów is a great meeting place for people passionate about Polish food, natural produce and homely atmosphere.

The restaurant has many years of experience in organising parties and receptions, especially family events and corporate outings. Karczma Piastów's interior combines colourful ornamentation with folk motifs, while its patio is a great place to spend your leisure or enjoy a barbecue.


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