KOTON Cat Café

Café for cat lovers. Welcome to KOTON – Cats’ Home! Meet Henryk, Franciszek, Kazio and Dyzio. Time to relax

The hosts of this place are two pairs of siblings. The older two black-and-white cats are Henryk and Franciszek. Kazio and Dyzio are one year younger. They have known each other since birth. They were carefully selected from the herd under the care of the Kotłownia Foundation as those that like spending time with people and enjoy fondling most of all.

Sit back on the couch, big beanbug chairs or the rocking chair and do not worry about anything. You will certainly relax in KOTON. You can read a book, meet friends or… fondle the cats leisurely and take a rest in their company.

If you would like a cup of exquisite coffee (Czarny Deszcz coffee roaster in Wroclaw), excellent cakes (local confectioners: GastroMenu, Słodki Chłopak and Słodko) or warm-up teas (black, green and fruit teas from Newba), KOTON is for you.

We call KOTON’s cats Ambassadors of Cat Adoption. They have found their Home here, right near the Wroclaw Market Square (ul. Igielna 41), but they promote their companions that are still waiting for this. Maybe you will create a new Cats’ Home?

In KOTON you will also see cats from the Kotłownia Foundation that you can take under protection.
Henryk, Franciszek, Kazio and Dyzio invite you to come! Each cat has its own qualities and places that it likes most – both those for lounging and for fondling. Do you want to learn more about them?


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