Locomotive Hostel

Data utworzenia: 2022-08-01

The Locomotive Hostel is located at the very heart of Wrocław, in the historic Wrocław Świebodzki Railway Station building.

The Locomotive Hostel is connected to the Market Square through a network of historic and scenic streets of the Four Temples’ District, where a myriad of bars and restaurants are also located.

You can also witness an utterly different face of Wrocław on Sundays and join a flea market featuring a variety of goods, ranging from antiques through old socks to treasures discovered in cellars and attics, organised at the tracks of the defunct Wrocław Świebodzki Railway Station.

One of the major attractions of the Wrocław Świebodzki Raiway Station is Kolejkowo, an incredible and Europe’s largest railway mock-up of Lower Silesia.
Numerous shops and restaurants are located in the area.

The Locomotive Hostel offers rooms for 2 up to 8 people, a kitchen, a common room with a TV, a board games room and a day room, as well as Wi-Fi and an ironing desk.

The hostel accepts pets.


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