Market Hall

Data utworzenia: 2018-06-20

The Market Hall was built in 1905-1908. Today, on two floors there are over 190 shops. It is not only a shopping centre, but also a tourist attraction.

The two towers in ul. Świętego Ducha hark back to the building of Arsenal. The authors of the building were Richard Plüddemann and Heinrich Küster. Plüddemann, the then city councillor for building, also designed Zwierzyniecki Bridge, the building of University Library in ul. Szajnochy, the building of Faculty of Architecture, he was also the author of the concept of Grunwaldzki Bridge. Küster is thought to invent the idea of using reinforced concrete to build the Hall, which was then an innovative solution.

During Wolrd War II the building was not seriously damaged. At first the Red Army used it as stable but soon it returned to its original use. In the beginning of the 80s the Hall was directed by PSS Społem was renovated. In 2016 its façade was revitalised.

Today, it is a shopping centre not only for the Old Town citizens, but for everyone, including professors, nuns and priests from Ostrów Tumski. Many owners of the restaurants buy their products here. Market Hall belongs to the tourist trail and is visited by 30-35 groups a day.

The building in ul. Piaskowa has four floors, apart from the main hall with stalls and the gallery, there are two large cellars. A part of them serves as storerooms. In the cellar in ul. Piaskowa, under the clock tower, there is a restaurant.


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