Meet My City

Data utworzenia: 2019-12-19

Trips around Wroclaw and its surroundings in English and Polish with licenced guides.

Meet My City is an idea inspired by dreams of travelling, meeting new places and people and, most important, the possibility of sharing our own travel experiences with others.

Our offer encompasses the most popular attractions of Wroclaw: Ostrów Tumski, Piasek Island, the Market Square and its surroundings, the Quarter of Four Denominations, the Centennial Hall and its surroundings.

We organise thematic walks referring to the Wroclaw Christmas Fair, the times of the Polish People’s Republic, trade in Wroclaw, Wroclaw dwarves and many others.

We ensure a cosy atmosphere and sightseeing in small groups of maximum 10 persons. Larger groups are possible at the customer’s request.

Meet My City – explore my city and treat it as your second home.




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