Movie Gate Wrocław

Data utworzenia: 2022-08-01

Movie Gate is Europe’s one and only museum that takes to the magical world of film, science and history. The museum houses a unique collection featuring original film props and costumes.

The former German air-raid shelter interior houses Central Europe’s one and only museum that showcases costumes and props from celebrated film productions, made both in Poland and abroad.

The Movie Gate’s highlights include the original bonnet from James Bond’s Aston Martin featured in Tomorrow Never Dies, the dress Eva Green wore to perform Vesper Lynd in Casino Royal, a section of Death Star, the original spaceship from Star Wars, or the Roman soldier uniform Russell Crowe wore in Gladiator.

Movie route

Brad Pitt’s fans are going to see his uniform from Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, which by the way was made by the Poznań-based company Hero Collection. Those in love with Keanu Reeves can in turn find out what his Matrix cassock looked like (directed by the then Wachowski brothers, now known as the Wachowski sisters). Some of the exhibits are available for sale, e.g. Vesper Lynd’s dress costs 230,200 PLN while storyboards from Blade Runner cost a little more than 1000 PLN.

“If you wish to buy a gift for your nearest and dearest, please remember to choose the one with a price tag. Some exhibits are not for sale,” explains Krzysztof Wojtas, Manager at Arado Fabryka Historii, a company known for best and most intriguing museums in Lower Silesia.

Most of the 60 rooms at the Movie Gate feature film costumes, but the props are also on display. Some of the highlights include Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien, Hellboy’s bust from Guillerme del Toro’s production, King Philip’s shield from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, a Trojan sword from Troy by Wolfgang Petersen and arrows from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

You can tour the Movie Gate following either the movie or the historical route. One of the main attractions and the feature redolent of the shelter’s past can be found above the cashier’s desk. The original drawing of the woman by the name of Hilde was probably added on the ceiling by her lover and a German soldier.

Much of the shelter has been converted into a shooting range, where visitors can fire bursts from AKMs, better known as Kalashnikovs, or submachine guns Sten Mk II. The shots are fired with blanks in a tunnel of eternity, but the smell of gunpowder lingers strongly in the air.


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