Topacz Castle Automotive Museum

Data utworzenia: 2019-04-23

An extraordinary collection of historic, original, rare and nice-looking vehicles. An excellent place for big and little automotive fans

A collection of 200 unique exhibits, including:

  • a representative group of Polish unique pre-war vehicles, such as Fiat 508, Sokół 1000, 600 and 200, lightweight motorcycles such as MOJ, Perkun, Wul-Gum, Tornedo, SHL 98, or Podkowa
  • all models of WFM, WSK, SHL and Junak motorcycles from the serial production system, and Polish mopeds,
  • cars from the period of People’s Republic of Poland: Mikrus, Syrena 100, Warszawa M20, Nysa N59, Fiat 126p (popularly called “maluch” due to its small size), 125p, Syrena Bosto, R-20, Żuk and Star 25,
  • NRD motorcycles, Skoda, Wartburg and Zaporożec cars,
  • collection of Bentley and Rolls Royce cars from the years 1933-2005
  • American vehicles: Fort T, Buick 1914, Harley Wl, Studebaker Hawk, Ford Thunderbird Cabrio, Ford Mustang, Lincoln Continental, VW Garbus and Karmann, Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV, Jaguar E-type, Mini, Maserati, Ferrari.

Selected cars and other vehicles are rented on special occasions (weddings, family events, etc.)


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