National Museum in Wrocław

Data utworzenia: 2022-08-01

In the building in Powstańców Warszawy Square there are several permanent exhibitions, but some of the collections can be seen outside the Museum’s building.

Two of them are devoted to the medieval art - Silesian Stone Sculpture of 12-16th century (in renovation) and Silesian Art of 14-16th century (1st floor).  The expositions of the Polish Art of 17-19th century and European Art 15-20th century are on the 2nd floor.

The most valuable pieces of art are: “Madonna with Jesus and St. John” by Agnolo Bronzino, “Winter landscape with ice skates and bird trap” by Pieter Bruegel the Younger and “Portrait of a Boy” by Jean Chardin.

Some exhibits are in the old ducal residence, today’s Museum of Silesian Piasts in Brzeg, where the permanent exhibition Silesian Art of 15-18th century is presented. An important part of the Museum’s collection (furniture, portraits) is in the old City Hall, where the Museum of Municipal Art is located - it belongs to the Wrocław City Museum.

The material comes from the Museum’s website.


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