Nanan Confectionery

Nanan means sweets in French, confectionery being the leitmotif in this signature store’s concept and design.

A minimalist décor provides a delicate setting for the main heroes of the place: a fine selection of carefully made and masterful cakes and éclairs.

Éclairs enjoy the pride of place at Nanan as a leitmotif dominating the store’s idea, interior design and logo.

Their oblong shapes are reflected in the shape of the centrally placed counter, which just like at a jeweller’s shop showcases minuscule confectionery served with top quality French tea from Kusmi, coffee from craft roasters called Czarny Deszcze and French sparkling wine. 

Éclairs also served as an inspiration for specially designed lamps and elements and details featured in Nanan’s interiors. Eclairs are also present as a leitmotif in the logo and wrappings.  

The combination of delicious and beautiful items of confectionery served in unique and stylish interiors adds to you once-in-a-lifetime and dreamlike customer experience.


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