Nativity of Saint Mary Orthodox Church

Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

A 15th century temple was built in the place of a wooden cemetery chapel. In the first half of the next century it was taken by the protestants. The interior was renovated and modernised many times.

The temple at ul. św. Mikołaja is located in the Four Denominations District, also called the District of Mutual Respect with four temples: Evangelical, Jewish, Catholic and Orthodox.

The church of St. Barbara was built in 15th and 16th century as an auxiliary church of St. Elisabeth parish. It was designed in Gothic style with three naves, built of bricks. In the years 1741-1920 it served as a garrison church. After World War II it was destroyed in 70%. The church lost its interior and medieval polichromy, the roofs burnt and the ceilings collapsed. That is also when Kluskowy clock was destroyed.  The temple was renovated in the years 1959-1961. It was given to the Orthodox Church in June 1963 and established as a cathedral of Wrocław-Szczecin diocese. The church is a listed building.

The church was severely damaged during World War II and after the renovation it was given to the Orthodox Church.


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