Niezły Dym

You will find here traditional Napoletana pizza based on naturally maturing pasta on sourdough that is baked in a wood-fired chamotte oven.

Niezły Dym [Fine Smoke] is a project of the well-known Wroclaw foodtruck Happy Little Truck.

It is the kingdom of Napoletana pizza that is prepared according to the traditional recipe on the basis of pasta on sourdough that naturally matures for a few dozen hours. The pizza is baked in a wood-fired chamotte oven heated to the temperature of almost 500°C. As the kitchen is open to customers, we can watch the entire pizza-making process: from the manual preparation of pasta to its baking in the oven. The menu contains both traditional items and unconventional combinations of tastes that will surprise many pizza lovers. At Niezły Dym, we combine original Italian ingredients and Polish local products. It is a real temple of traditional, light, natural and healthy pizza.


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