Nowożeńcy (Newlyweds)

Data utworzenia: 2021-05-28

Happy, in love, freshly married. Their story is a true story of love overcoming all the vicissitudes of fate.

For many centuries a bloody vendetta of two ancient families has been hanging over Wrocław, whose youngest offspring made the fatal mistake of tying their lives together and only their untimely deaths made the seniors of the families realise how pointless and pathetic their bloody dispute was... Such scenarios are only found in Shakespeare's works. In the case of Mr and Mrs Dwarf the situation was less dramatic, although undoubtedly their love story was not easy.

Mr Dwarf is a representative of the dwarf aristocracy, the son of Papa Dwarf. Meanwhile, today's Mrs Dwarf, known then as Jagódka, is an ordinary dwarf whose ancestors lived near the city until the 19th century and braided the manes of peasants’ horses. Papa Dwarf was not very keen to agree to such a misalliance. But since in dwarf culture refusing to allow a child to marry is an unforgivable sin, he decided to send his son off to a diplomatic post in Italy, which also has its own colony of dwarfs. He hoped that the sun, beaches and charming Italian female dwarfs would banish the memory of Jagódka from his son's mind.

The young ones suffered, especially since the term of office of a diplomat in Papa Dwarf's service is 10 years. After a few years, Jagódka disappeared and almost everyone forgot about her. What a surprise it was when she returned with Mr Dwarf, as his wife!

It turned out that Jagódka had set off on her journey to Italy on foot. The journey took her two years, full with dangers and hardships. However, she managed to reach Rome and marry her beloved.

Papa Dwarf quickly came to terms with his new daughter-in-law. She turned out to be an extremely clever woman, a great hostess, and thanks to her journey, she was much more familiar with the world than any other dwarf (except maybe for Obieżyświat).

At present, you can meet Mr and Mrs Dwarf in front of the entrance to the Registry Office in Włodkowica Street, where they congratulate young couples in love and, with Papa Dwarf's authorisation, marry other dwarfs.


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