Ogród Ossolineum

Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

Before World War II, the ground was a playing field near the secondary school. Today it is a frequent place to rest for tourists visiting the Old City of Wrocław.

Entrances are located on the side of ul. Szewska, Pl. Nankiera Square and ul. Grodzka.

Near the garden, there is one of the few Wrocław monuments to victims of World War I – a figure of Christ created by Theodor von Gosen, which is dedicated to students and teachers of the Middle School of Saint Matthias. The second monument is dedicated to Angelus Silesius, a Baroque poet.

Garden near the Pontifical Faculty of Theology

Hidden behind the huge building of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, it is the biggest available garden on Ostrów Tumski beside the Botanical Garden.

You can enjoy a view of the river and the opposite bank there. In the garden, many open-air events, family picnics, concerts and games are organised.

Near the garden there is a cafe, with toilets being available.


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