Ogrodnik (Gardener) and Kierownik (Driver)

Data utworzenia: 2021-05-28

You can meet him in the Botanical Garden, one of the most picturesque places in Wrocław. He is one of two Botanical Dwarfs.

Wait... two? Actually three, but more on that later. This mysterious dwarf has already been the hero of this column in the past. Today we recall the story of Ogrodnik and his companion...

Ogrodnik has been appearing in the Wrocław plant kingdom for a very long time. However, he usually chose the night time. The Big People, Botanical Garden's staff, were often surprised by new plant species appearing out of nowhere. However, it turned out that Ogrodnik had so much work that the night became too short.

The second Botanical Dwarf and his musical interests will be described in the near future. That leaves the third one. Many don't notice him, and Ogrodnik hurriedly tries to sneak through alleys and hide the contents of his wheelbarrows. You can certainly tell that we are seeing a Dwarf crushed by a large onion in the wheelbarrow. All the rest are legends, rumours and other concoctions. Some say it's the Garden Manager "being taken out in a wheelbarrow”, while others say it's a dwarf mead lover lost after a Saturday night out. The whole issue can be left to the collective imagination.

Recently, the Botanical Garden has become a place of increased dwarf activity. Some whisper that the dwarfs are planning something, others say it's just spring. Our attention was also drawn to the strange commotion we noticed one evening outside the Garden gate and in other corners of Ostrów Tumski. Perhaps the Dwarfs want to surprise us with something?


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