Data utworzenia: 2021-05-28

One of the longest dwarfs living in Wrocław. He is known as the best dwarven warrior, although he never uses violence without reason.

As a young dwarf he started to serve Silesian magnate Piotr Włostowic. To this day he wears his coat of arms on his chest in memory of his first master.

His name comes from the name of Ołbin, today a district of Wrocław. In Włostowic’s times it was a village near Wrocław, where the magnate founded an abbey. He appointed Ołbiniusz as its guardian.

For hundreds of years the dwarf has faithfully served the changing lords of the city, regardless of nationality. He always took care of his beloved Ołbin and kept it in order, although not many residents knew about it.

Today, he has taken up residence at Primary School no. 107 in Prusa Street, which was built on the foundations of the former abbey. Despite his serious appearance, he loves children and they love him. He loves to tell students about old Wrocław and often helps with history lessons.


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