Opiekunek (Guardian) and Krasnomaleństwo (Dwarf-Baby)

Data utworzenia: 2021-05-28

Children's favourite, their most faithful companion, caring guardian and playmate.

In a word, Opiekunek. On a daily basis he lives at the Children's Home in Parkowa Street in Wrocław.

He is not afraid of the cold and snow, and his main concern is the happiness of children. You only have to look into his eyes to see the beaming goodness and altruism. Opiekunek spends his days babysitting a little one, but never refuses to play together or give good advice to the residents of the Children's Home.

It would be hard to find another dwarf like him, because although all dwarfs love children and are eager to befriend them, none of them devotes all their time (or even life!) to helping the little ones. He always has time for everyone, every child who would like to talk to Opiekunek, laugh or cry on his shoulder, without the slightest hesitation should come to Parkowa Street as soon as possible. Opiekunek bravely stays at his post all day and night.


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