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OVO Wrocław is one of the most publicised investments in recent years in the whole of Poland. OVO is unique not only because of its original and blobitectural design, but also because of its offer for business and community.

Futuristic architecture, unique design and versatility. OVO Wrocław is one of the most publicised and anticipated investments in recent years in the whole of Poland. There is other building complex such as OVO Wrocław across Europe. OVO is unique not only because of its original and blobitectural design, but also because of its extended offer for business, local community and tourists. 

With its characteristic shape and colour, the building is an eye-catching and pleasing sight. The building needed no more than several months to become the symbol of modern architecture in Wrocław. OVO Wrocław has 9 levels and is 25 metres in height. 

The complex has 7 overground and 2 underground levels that offer a variety of facilities for the local residents and tourists alike. Underground levels Level -2 features the main hotel kitchen. Level -1 features a high-end fitness club with a swimming pool and sauna operated by prestigious brands such as Holmes Place and Kandara SPA, as well as a casino. DoubleTree by Hilton’s Banquet Hall (317 sqm in size) in turn occupies both underground levels (high vaults of up to 6 metres). Car parks are also located underground. Ground floor and patio 

A generally accessible green patio is one of the most characteristic and defining features of OVO Wrocław. The patio serves as a meeting place and leisure area, but it also features a variety of restaurants. You may want to visit OVO Bar & Restaurant, the legendary Etno Café, a steakhouse called Campo Modern Grill, the vegan restaurant Think Love Juices. Several other restaurants will soon be opened to the public, including Drevny Kocur (Czech cuisine and beer) and Dim Sum Garden (Asian). Etno Café is also planning to expand with its first wine bar. In the summer, Ovo Wrocław’s leafy garden turns into a jazz scene and a venue for a variety of events. The ground floor features an office and apartment lobby, DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw’s reception desk and conference centre, an Isabel Boutique store and an entrance to the casino. 

Levels 1–2 DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław hotel rooms. Levels 1–2 feature a total of 189 DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław hotel rooms. The hotel can admit up to 400 guests. 113 sqm in size, President Suite is the most exclusive apartment in the hotel. The suite commands a beautiful view of Słowacki Park. Level 2 is also occupied by Executive Lounge and a gym. Level 3 A+ office spaces. Level 3 is occupied by office spaces (3850 sqm in size). Some of the spaces have been rented out to Futuro Finance, Kajima Poland, Murapol Architects Drive, Ginemedica, Nowodwoski Estate, Heritage, Luxury Concept World, Michael Strom, Empire Apart and Absynt Apart. Ovo Wrocław’s developer and property managers are also located on Level 3.

Levels 4-7 Apartments and penthouses. The top floor of OVO Wrocław offers 26 penthouses, each of which coming with a spacious terrace (the largest 250 sqm in size) and French windows.  The building offers 170 apartments, some of them with ceilings of up to 3 metres in height. OVO Wrocław was designed by the established architectural firm Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture. The design comes as a perfect blend of a curvilinear elevation and minimalist and chic interiors. 

More importantly, the building stands out with its individuality. OVO Wrocław’s design draws on the best specimens of Wrocław architecture. One such building is what was formerly known as the Pertersdorff Department Store (today's Kameleon). Other elements may bring the legacy of Bauhaus to mind: expressive horizontal lines and balconies in nestled in the building’s recesses. OVO Wrocław stands out as a perfect embodiment of futuristic concepts and visions of its creators. 

This was made possible with the use of white corian that covers the building’s elevation. This flexible building material can take a variety of shapes with no joining traces on the surface. Corian is also dirt resistant and impenetrable. It can also be polished and ground, which is why it may look like new 20 years from now. The surface of 5.5 thousand sqm metres was ultimately covered with corian, which allowed the designers to obtain an ideal shape without any folds or recesses. In some places, the corian-covered elevation is bent in two different angles. This adds to the curvilinear and streamlined shape of the building. The idea of a round-shaped building is also present in OVO’s interiors. The blobitectural design can be seen almost everywhere, especially at DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw, which also occupies the building. 

The curvilinear shapes define the Banquet Hall, restaurant and lobby. Oval forms are also easy to spot in the patio, corridors and furniture. The construction of Ovo Wrocław came to a close in April 2016. The building has garnered a lot of praise from the experts. It has also won the prestigious TOP Builder 2017 Award in the Investment of the Year category. OVO was recognised for its unique architecture and functional design. The experts considered designs using modern architectural, construction, material and technology solutions. They assessed the innovative qualities, technical parameters and environmental impact of the buildings. DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław has also carried off a prestigious award. The establishment was recognised with a Eurobuild Award for the best new hotel in Poland in 2016.


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