Royal Palace: Historical Museum and Medallion Art Museum

Data utworzenia: 2022-08-01

The Royal Palace houses the Historical Museum and the Medallion Art Museum. The former showcases the millennial history of Wrocław, the latter being Poland’s on

The exhibition “Wrocław’s Millennium” provides an extended presentation of the capital of Lower Silesia and its developments across the centuries. The collection holds artefacts and artworks depicting the history of the city, handmade items and Wrocław’s iconography, including prints, etchings and photographs, as well as documents, posters and banners. The Museum also boasts a unique section depicting the history of Wrocław theatres.

The Historical Museum also organises cultural events, academic symposia, meet-the-author sessions and lectures.

Medallion Art Museum: Orders, Decorations, Medals

The Medallion Art Museum has been open to the public since 1965. The Museum is Poland’s only institution devoted to collecting medallion and phaleristic works. The collection comprises 50 thousand medals, medallions and plaques, as well as orders, distinctions and badges.

The most celebrated part of the collection showcases Poland and all things Polish from the 16th century to modernity. This means an almost complete collection of orders and distinctions and Poland’s largest collection of medallion art after 1945.

A separate section comprises several hundred Silesian medals after 1945, including depictions of the events and figures that shaped the city and its development.

The Museum also holds an extended collection of documents regarding Polish and foreign sculptors dealing in medallion art.


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