Parrot Coffee

Co-hosts of Parrot Coffee – a cosy café at Plac Bema square – are two parrots Jon and Pablo

Birds are co-owners of Parrot Coffee.

You can have a free chat with Jon – a male eclectus parrot – over a cup of fine coffee or tea and a sweet cake. He can repeat around 200 words or even say a sentence. Pablo – a male blue-and-yellow macaw – is less eloquent, as he can repeat around 12 words.

Parrot Coffee has its lovers not only due to the presence of birds (attention: they are not always present in the café). Cosy interiors, aromatic coffee, natural juices and the entire palette of sweets (pies, cakes, desserts) do a good job, too.

A great place to refresh yourself during a walk around Nadodrze, Ostrów Tumski and the archipelago of islands in the city centre.


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