Patio Ovo Wrocław

Data utworzenia: 2018-05-24

Patio Ovo Wrocław is a hospitable green area in the centre of Wrocław, offering live music evenings in the summer and a wide variety of restaurants all around the year.

Developed in the historic centre of the city, Ovo Wrocław blends in nicely with the existing urban fabric. The building’s design is not only there to diversify the surroundings, but also to stimulate and broaden the horizons. Perched on the transparent ground floor, its streamlined bulk encourages visitors to enter the building.

Ovo Wrocław’s mixed-use functionality only adds to the open and hospitable nature of the design while helping you to savour silence in the hustle and bustle of the city. The very centre of the building features a cosy patio that also serves as an inner garden. The lungs of the building are teeming with life, but they also encourage to spend your leisure in the area or enjoy a diverse catering offer and cultural activities. The patio serves as a platform to exchange ideas between business and culture, foster debate and execute creative projects. By its very design, OVO is on friendly terms with its surroundings, filled with art and inspiration, which is reflected in the sounds of music, beautiful sculptures and powerful films and images. OVO's designers seek to provide a venue offering a cultural journey to the local community. Hence the idea to lay down identical floors on the outside of the building and in its interior, without imposing any boundaries while creating an impression of accessibility and encouraging dialogue and free expression of thought.

OVO is a social, cultural and business generator, as it were, which constantly develops and opens up ever newer opportunities. In the summer, the patio holds free yoga classes, jazz shows or creative meetings for a variety of communities. You may also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in the garden. The design is intended to improve your comfort as a visitor. At the very hear of OVO is its inner yard, which is enclosed in a magnificent building and open to visitors at the same time. The green area with vibrant vegetation and leafy trees provides great protection against the hustle and bustle of a large city and daily stress. Nothing can compare with being close to nature or out in the open air on a blanket, lying in the grass or swinging in a hammock, gazing into a blue blue sky.

Visitors are offered to enjoy large and comfortable hammocks, deckchairs and concrete seats, but they can also run freely and play in the grass. The spacious qualities of the yard provides a great chance to relax as a family or group of friends. In order to organise music shows or cultural events, the Ovo complex has been equipped with dedicated sound and lighting systems. The building is illuminated by the very glare of the hotel and apartment windows, which adds to a unique and fascinating atmosphere in the leafy patio. Modern technology allows for an interplay of light and sound, which brings amazing visual experience to those who attend the patio for a variety of meetings. The patio in the versatile complex featuring apartments and DoubleTree by Hilton encourages visitors to spend their time in the open air.

This green inner yard in the very heart of the city is an open, friendly and hospitable place, and it will help you to stop for a moment and relax in the grass among the trees. In its design, OVO Wrocław's inner garden is a visible extension of the building’s concept as a whole. Dominated by large and round pots full of greenery creating minuscule hillocks, both the lawns and the surrounding areas encourage visitors to relax or hang out with friends.

The ivy climbs the wall separating the OVO complex from the Post Office. The foliage is going to cover the entire surface of the wall. OVO’s leisure area and its adjacent restaurants and cafés serve as an extension of urban life in the streets and boulevards. The designers found it particularly important that the patio serves exactly the same purposes, bustling with life and energy. In 2017, a series of live jazz summer Friday evenings began, which only attracts the local community inside OVO’s leafy inner garden.


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