Rędziński Bridge

Data utworzenia: 2016-07-12

It is the biggest bridge in Poland - it is 1742m long (30m more than Solidarność Bridge in Płock) and the main pylon is 122m high (8m more than the viewpoint of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw).

The bridge was under construction for 5 years, it was finished in August 2011 and cost 576m zl and its main constructor was prof. Jan Biliszczuk from Wrocław University of Technology.

The pylon has a shape of the letter H. Both roads are suspended separately to the pylon on the island.

The other modern technologies were used during the construction - each part was “glued” to the already installed one, so the bridge was “sliding out” over the water.

Rędziński Bridge (Most Rędziński) belongs to the motorway bypass of Wrocław.


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