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The Commercial Centre Renoma was built in the end of the 20s. Then, it had uncommonly big surface.

The commercial centre Wertheim in today’s ul. Świdnicka was built to the design of Hermann Dernburg. It was opened in 1930. This monumental building, based on the trapezoid, was a representation of modern architecture and was the biggest commercial building in Breslau (Wrocław), with the surface of 35 000 m2 and cubage of 160 000 m3. Since the inauguration Wertheim had impressed not only the citizens and guests, but also the then building and construction environment. The commercial centre was successful, but shortly it had to deal with the economic crisis and the consequences of the Nazi’s rise to power.

In 1945 the building was bombed. It was reopened after three years as the biggest Commercial House in Poland. The name Renoma was chosen through the contest for the readers of Słowo Polskie. In 1977 the building became a listed building as a monumental work of European modernism. In the end of the 90s the building became was privatised. In the years 2005-2009 it was renovated and a new part was built in the place where Hermann Dernburg designed it.

The project was finished in 2009 and the inauguration took place on 25th April.

The shopping centre

In Renoma there are over 120 shops and a restaurant area. The building (opened on 2 April 1930) has an extraordinary façade with original gold plating and original statues presenting people from different continents. It symbolises the openness to another human: respect to every person and their views. These values are as important for us as for Wertheim brothers - the founders of the building.


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