Słodowa Island

Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

Słodowa Island belongs to the Oder archipelago located to the north of Rynek. Apart from Słodowa, the other Wrocław Islands are: Bielarska, Młyńska, Piasek, Daliowa and Tamka.

The Island (Wyspa Słodowa) used to be built-up but during World War II most of the buildings were destroyed, only a six-storey tenement house survived.

The picnic season begins on the 21st of March when the Island is crowded with students of secondary and upper-secondary schools celebrating Truant Day (firs day of spring). All year long the Island is under the “reign” of students. During summer weekends there are many attractions on the Island: on Fridays and Saturdays open-air cinema, Saturday concerts, board games, sport activities, on Sundays dance classes or open-air library.

In the tourist season one can buy something to eat and drink.


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