Śpioch (Sleepyhead)

Data utworzenia: 2021-05-31

A dwarf snoozing peacefully at the junction of Św. Mikołaja Street and Odrzańska Street, next to the entrance to the underground settlement.

A unique guard who spends most of his time immersed in the arms of Morpheus...

Years ago it was this dwarf who was entrusted with the task of guarding the gates leading to the underground settlement. He, however, being idle and lazy since childhood, did not care much about his task, leaned against the stone structure and fell into a deep sleep from which he is awakened from time to time only by the smell of delicious food. No one can say who and when decided that it was Śpioch who would guard the entrance to the underground world of Wrocław dwarfs. But apparently, they quickly understood their mistake, because to this day no one wants to admit to the idea.

It is also not entirely clear why the Wrocław Dwarf Council has not yet decided to dismiss Śpioch from his position as entrance guard. Some say that the gates to the underground settlement are so small that no uninvited guest is able to get in anyway. So it is better to entrust the sluggish dwarf with a representative function than to risk giving him more serious tasks. Another theory is that Śpioch's loud snoring serves as a signal and makes it easier to find the main entrance. There are also those who believe that he will only awaken when the Church of St.  Elizabeth is in danger. He is said to have been the reason the roof fire was brought under control in 1975, as he got up in time to warn people. Perhaps it is because of these merits that it has not yet occurred to anyone to deprive the unique 'guardian’ of the post.

Even the oldest dwarfs cannot remember him ever being awake for longer than it would take to eat the evening meal. Not very interested in what is going on around him, he stretches lazily after having a little something to snack on, gulps and closes his eyes. Sometimes he wakes up for a moment, glances at the sun and yawns, mutters something under his breath. However, one would be naive to think that one would have any chance of exchanging even a few words with him. Waking up Śpioch is no easy task and even if someone manages to rouse him from his blissful slumber, at best he will be given a disapproving glance from under his hat and haughtily ignored... Apparently there were some who managed to provoke Śpioch into saying a few words in the Old Dwarven language. However, as it’s a delicate issue, we do not consider it appropriate to repeat what the suddenly awakened dwarf said...


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