The Ballestrem Palace

Data utworzenia: 2016-08-04

The ;ate nineteenth-century palace in ul. Włodkowica 4 was commissioned by the President of the Reichstag - Count Franz Xaver von Ballestrem.

The Ballestrems were a wealthy Silesian family, owners of mines and steelworks.

The building was designed by Albert Grau. The architect placed his name on the facade, next to the coat of arms of the count Ballestrem, and in the entrance hall one can take a close look at his image.

After World War II, the building at ul. Włodkowica was occupied by Urząd Bezpieczeństwa (the Security Office), and then divided up into apartments. For decades, the building fell into disrepair. In 2012, the city sold the 1,500 sqm building. The new owner commissioned the preparation of a renovation and extension plan to the specialists from the Maćków Design Studio.

The most spectacular is the staircase with Gothic-inspired windows and original railings. After the renovation, it is perfectly visible even from the street. Many rooms have original mouldings and ornaments, with the most interesting in the ground floor hall, where a restaurant will be located.
The upper floors will be occupied by offices and law firms. The last, third floor has only one room - a cosy conference room, which adjoins a small terrace overlooking the garden and the promenade on one side, and ul. Włodkowica on the other.
In summer, passage is available through the garden and the palace gate from the promenade to ul. Włodkowica.


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