The Niepolda Passage

Data utworzenia: 2018-04-06

There are several popular clubs here, some of which have been changing their character and name along with their maturing guests.

Club Bezsenności is one of the most popular spots on the weekend route of students looking for fun. Large rooms, cosy rooms and the smoking room are packed tight with guests. DJs usually offer balanced music, with both current and immortal hits. As experts with extensive experience, they know perfectly well how to heat up the party, up to dancing on the tables.

The next generation of young people also flock to G.A.F.A., which organizes, e.g. karaoke and sports events transmissions, apart from classic dances.

The Niepolda Passage also includes: Melanż - a music club organizing dances, and the other one, similar, is Głuchy Telefon.

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