The Swordsman

Data utworzenia: 2016-01-15

The sculpture is one of the best known ones in Wrocław. A fountain with the Swordsman at Uniwersytecki Square is one of the most favourite meeting places for students.

The fountain is an interesting Secession sculptures. It was designed by Hugo Lederer, a professor from the Fine Arts Academy in Berlin. In November 1904 it was installed at Uniwersytecki Square.

The legend says that the swordsman from the fountain is the author himself. He is said to have come to Wrocław as a student and, inebriated by his friends, he pawned not only his money but also his clothes during the card play. The sneaky students left him only with a sword - symbol of nobility and man’s honour.

The Swordsman (Szermierz) is still being tricked, mostly by the students. Many people have climbed it - as a joke or as a result of a lost bet, which sometimes ended with the intervention of the police.

Every 5-6 years the brass Swordsman is cleaned.


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